Brevard Kayak Forecast – August 2014

Some anglers look at August on the Space Coast with distain, but for me August is a month of opportunity. All bait fish, from mullet to pinfish and pogies, are extremely abundant and predators will be feasting. The “low light” top-water plug bite is great this month throughout the entire region. Switch to soft plastics or live bait as the sun climbs to keep the action hot.

Though most of the large female Seatrout of Brevard County have finished their yearly spawning cycle, the large amounts of bait present will keep most near the same flats. Unlike the spring and early summer, I typically fish a bit deeper this time of year. Grass flats in 2-4 feet of water replace those super skinny trout haunts. Even in this deeper water walking the dog with a top-water lure is the best way to score. The average size of these sea trout is 2lb. So break out the light gear; however, this is the lagoons of the space coast so anything can happen. Hit the water early and late when the sun is low. Top color choices are bone, red head/white, natural mullet, and sea-trout. As a rule use quite lures in calm and noisy in chop. Quietly drift the flats from your kayak or if the wind is moving you to quick switch to wading for shots at the largest fish. Mullet schools must be present, and long casts will get you more hits. If walk-the-dog type lures don’t work for you; an in-lint prop bait or chugger can get great results. Though nether cast as well as the cigar shaped walk-the-dog type.

The summer sea grasses are growing thick and tall in the Space Coast lagoons. Redfish and snook will lay in the holes and on the edges of the matted grass that stretch to the surface in 1 1⁄2 foot or less of water. Bass fishing inspired weed-less soft plastic rigs, like Slayer Inc. SST and SSB rigged on weed-less hooks, will allow kayak anglers to effectively pursue game fish in this weedy labyrinth. A kayak is the best type of craft to hunt these fish from, and it will allow you to stalk the finning, tailing, and laid-up fish. Game fish in this scenario will lie in a hole and blast finger mullet as they swim by. So investigate any blast thoroughly. The fish that has just eaten won’t venture far.

Work your weed-less soft plastics through the weeds paying special attention to holes and edges of the surface mats. Tarpon have also been thick and are most active on the flats at sun up.

These 5-20lb fish have a distinct advantage when it comes to the shallow open flats in the heat of summer. By rolling and taking in air from the surface they stay energized as the oxygen levels plummet. Roughly 3am to 6am they are kings feasting on the minnows that don’t seem to be much bothered by the lack of oxygen. Small top water plugs and Slayer SST’s will work great, but a small white fly is tops. Give that long rod a try.

Tight lines and wet paddles!