Brevard Kayak Forecast – October 2015

Thank goodness for fall. I always get a little pep in my step this time of year, and it’s not for the reason most Floridians would think. No, this native boy doesn’t enjoy cooler weather. Actually, I personally despise the cool/cold, and beg for it to leave me be. One thing gathers my focus and it’s a big one for those of us that enjoy the fishier side of life. Pssst! The mullet are running. This is the time of year that every predator packs on the pounds before the impending winter chill. Our typically hefty bait populations will get a massive boost in number as transients from parts north join the mix. Each cold front that sweeps through the Southeast will bring another wave of the finned buffet. Both Lagoons and coastal waters will be bursting at the seams, so get your gear and go fishing.

All baits I have my clients use this time of year will imitate a mullet from 3-7inches. The only difference would be if targeting large fish like sharks, 100+lb tarpon, and kingfish from the kayaks we could be using baits to 12inches. If you’re comfortable with catching and keeping live bait, now is the time to do it. It can get tough to feed fish plastic with all that forage around. If artificial is your game! Your lure selection should include A Slayer Inc SST (Paddle tail)/w jighead, a walk-the-dog topwater plug, and some suspending/floating twitch baits (hard plastic). Color choice tends to be simple with a dark (Black and Gold), white, and natural mullet. Look for bait being pushed or blasted and search out points that gather bait on the lagoons. This is a great time to explore, so check some new spots, and I bet you find them to be fishy. If you’re headed to the beach and don’t want the worry of bait in your yak, the carry some large lipped plugs (bomber or other), large topwater plugs, and big swimbaits (DOA mullet) will all work great. Try both trolling and casting with these plugs in the heaviest areas of bait. This will many times be towards shore and in the breakers. Some big fish lurk under these migrating schools of bait so tackle up, and don’t bring a pea shooter.

The New Year is soon approaching and you know what that means. The “New” kayaks for 2016 will be hitting the market soon. Be sure to stop at Kayaks by Bo, 410 S Hopkins Ave, Titusville, FL 32796 (321) 474-9365 for demos on all the hot new yaks, deals on last year’s models, tons of cool accessories you can put on your stocking stuffer list, and by far the friendliest staff/owners you will ever meet. Not to mention they have a truck load of bad-to-the-bone Hobie Fishing Kayaks, my favorite! I hope by this point everyone who is reading this article has heard of Port Canaveral’s plan to put a new causeway and cargo rail line across the Banana River Lagoon’s (BRL) No-Motor-Zone (NMZ). For obvious reasons this section of water should not be risked for gain of a few, so please get informed if you have not caught on to this. Some great things are happening due to public involvement, and we need your help. Come get active at Facebook/NoFillNoKill.