Brevard Kayak Forecast – December 2017

Google maps and some exploration led to this fantastic backwater red on a recent trip with
Google maps and some exploration led to this fantastic backwater red on a recent trip with

A December kayak fishing forecast could take on many forms here on the Space Coast. We could easily talk of cooling temperatures effect on feeding patterns, hot products that should be on every Christmas wish list, or what to expect for 2018. I could tell you how reputable safe kayak fishing guides are easy to find and most offer gift certificates that make awesome presents. A recap of 2017 could even be in order and well received. However, this year I feel something a little different is a good direction. A gift from me to you, so to speak! One of my most coveted secrets and frequently asked questions, “Where is a good spot to fish today/next week/whenever”! It seems like such an easy and innocent question. Many times it is that easy and the info will flow forth, to a certain degree. Don’t expect a personal message loaded with pindrops on a maps complete with instructions on where to cast if you pose this question to any Social Media groups. More often than not you’ll be met with joking remarks. Should people be willing to spill their guts to anyone giving hard earned knowledge? I do it on a daily basis as a guide, but you still won’t get a pindrop. I will typically fill anyone in on the bite and what I’m finding in a general area. So how does someone go about finding that perfect spot with consistent action. It’s really simple actually! There is decades of information on any given species that you could ever want to target. Information including tackle, habitat, and feeding preferences is all for free in an instant at the tips of your fingers. Also we have the ability to scour over Satellite photos that are in my eyes the key to better angling on the lagoons and shallow waters of our area. By taking knowledge gained from information collected in real time and what you’ve learned about a species. You can branch out and explore areas that fit your criteria. Does a certain flat with drop-offs and docks always produce but weekend pressure is too much. Bring up that google maps and find its twin, or several. I almost bet you find a like scenario with fish happy to feed. Does that one section of flat in the IRL where it goes from a foot of water to six feet in a tree lined canal always produce some heavy trout. Find its twin and have fun! After all the idea of these plastic boats is their versatility and willingness to go anywhere. So put that phone to good use! A little work can go a long way for getting fishing pole bent.

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