Brevard Kayak Report – January 2018

Chuck Levi spent some time kayak fishing at Los Buzos Lodge in Panama and was rewarded with an awesome fly rod caught Pacific mahi
Chuck Levi spent some time kayak fishing at Los Buzos Lodge in Panama and was rewarded with an awesome fly rod caught Pacific mahi

The world of kayak fishing as an industry is ever changing and the rapid expansion of this sport is having some pretty amazing side effects. When I look back and ponder on the “beginning” of what we consider modern kayak fishing in the early 2000’s it seems like such a short time has gone by. Of course people have fished from paddle craft for a long time, but I’m talking about the explosion of fishing based kayaks and accessories. Companies striving to accommodate the needs of anglers in hand launched personal vessels as a first priority! When you look at the kayak (boat) market it’s easy to pick up on the advancements over the years and anglers appreciate the many options available to anybody on any budget. One of the companies I really watch to see what’s next in the accessory real is YakAttack and basically anything its owner Luther Cifers is up too. Stared in a garage and now provides some spectacular products to fit just about any kayak fishing need you can imagine. I am personally fond of manufacturing and the engineering behind solving needs of anglers and the team Luther has assembled is top notch with all manufacturing done in Virginia. They take pride in their products and rightful pride in a Made in the USA commitment. Yet another aspect of the kayak angling world that has begun to flourish and expand well beyond what I ever imagined is the charter and kayak fishing vacation industry. By now you can find a legitimate reputable guide for just about any area and covering just about every fishery. It’s amazing to think you next family vacation could include a quality kayak fishing trip to new waters with ease. Recently we have also seen a spike in kayak fishing vacations to all-inclusive resorts in faraway places. This aspect of the industry is a very welcome sight to those who have the resources to travel. I’m not talking about some resort that has a few cheap kayaks you can use to get you out and about with a travel rod you’ve stuffed in your luggage. These are first class accommodations in stunning locations with top notch kayaks and gear. Including knowledgeable guides eager to help you put notches in your fish bucket list. One of the primer operations in this realm is Los Buzos Lodge in Panama. Nestled on the edge of a Panamanian jungle with a fleet of Hobie kayaks at the ready to tackle gamefish like yellowfin tuna, roosterfish, pacific sails, and Cubera snapper that swim just off the beach! What a treat for those of us how like spending time in these little plastic boats.

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