Brevard Kayak Forecast – September 2017

Mark Phillips got this stud beach tarpon with
Mark Phillips got this stud beach tarpon with

September is here and the kayak fishing opportunities are numerous. The beaches are swarming with bait and large fish. The end of summer wave patterns are calm and ease hand launching boats from the surf this month, so hit it before the fall season builds the seas. The mullet run will no doubt be kicking off too. Be on the lookout for steady days of rain and/or tropical disturbances this time of year as a sign of swollen outflows dumping into the river, and some fast paced fishing for a great mixed bag of river fighters. The bull redfish will be actively be looking to push up shallow and feed for a moment. Then return to cruising along features like drop-offs and edges. Cut Crab, Mullet, and lady fish will get picked up on heavy gear if soaked on these edges and drops, or you might sight one as it feeds a bit shallower and opt to cast a Slayer Inc SSTxl or even top water to get a strike. These mature fish are in pre-spawn mode and will be prevalent through fall. Looking to put on weight and crushing anything in their path.

The beaches have been hot over the past few months with reports of cobia, kingfish, sharks, and plenty of huge tarpon for kayakers willing to put in the time and effort. Satellite Beach, South Cocoa beach streets, and Playa Linda Beach have all been hot at one time or another. With most game fish focusing one the Menhaden (aka. Pogies) so should you. Seeing the large dark masses with fish busting and birds diving is best before launching, and some good dock recon can help you find close fish. Also be on the lookout for those bigger mullet to move in mass. When that is happening the mullet (large 8-12inch) make a great trolling bait. Tackle in the 15-20lb. range is great, and can be trolling or spin gear. I like to snatch-hook or cast net a pogies from the pod. Then have a standard “kingfish live bait rig” ready to accept the trolling bait, unless tarpon are your only target. For tarpon only a 6-8/0 circle hook. I do this until baited up and then begin slow trolling/paddling around the bait pods. Large lipped plugs designed for trolling also work really well off the beaches when pulled at a steady pace also. As always it’s a big ocean be smart and stay visible to all vessels don’t assume they see your low profile kayak.

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