Brevard Kayak Forecast – May 2015

We have an amazing amount of kayak fishing areas here on the Space Coast. From the back waters of the Mosquito Lagoon, the North IRL, the NMZ, the 1,000 Islands of Cocoa Beach, and so many places in between. A common question asked, what is the best place to go kayak fishing? This decision can be mind boggling for even the most experienced anglers in our area. For some it may be the scenery, ease of access, or the lack of power boats like the NMZ that persuades this “call” one way or the other. As a guide it’s important to be consistent and give clients good shots at fish of a lifetime. To do this I don’t look at the spot as much as you might think. Just about any area you decide to fish is going to hold something worth your time. By being able to identify and feed the quality fish present you will find your consistency greatly increases.

One thing I recommend to anyone I meet is simple; yet surprisingly hard to do. Pick one area! Be it the 1,000 Islands, lagoon, NMZ, or any launch (closest one to home allows you most chances to get out) will do. Fish this area at every chance you get. Take that quick hour trip, or spend the day. Just keep going back every chance you get. In doing this for at least a year, but the longer the better; you can begin to understand why the predatory fish utilize certain sections at certain times. You will start to notice the small intricacies in said section of water that hold fish. Troughs, edges, mud bottom, shallow mangroves, deeper water, and the way bait comes and goes on a daily basis are all things that should hold your attention. And that’s because they hold the fish’s attention also. By studying the water and understanding the habits of those fish in any conditions you will put the pieces in place. Like how the seasons affect the bait amount and type, or how the fish react to low and high water periods. With this knowledge you are ready for any of our areas.

These non-tidal lagoons of the space coast are basically the same. Our primary game fish carry mostly the same habits from lagoon to lagoon. It’s kind of the Space Coast way! The lack of tides means they are not forced out of areas due to leaving water, but leave as bait and conditions dictate. Once that confidence level has increased to a point your looking for different spots and launches you have the tools to eliminate the less productive ones. Starting that search can be as simple as bringing up Google Maps or a like service on your home computer and put that time on the water to use. Take the time to enjoy what the Space Coast Lagoons have to offer and you will become a steward of the waters. We all must do our part to understand and utilize these resources in the best ways possible. Please take the time to sign the petition at and help on of are most precious bodies of water the No-Motor-Zone (NMZ). The last thing it needs is another earthen Causeway across it!