Lake Jackson Fishing Forecast – Aug. 2017

Another Jackson trophy caught during a thunderstorm with clients.
Another Jackson trophy caught during a thunderstorm with clients.

August is likely the hottest month of the summer. Though July brings long days and summer heat, this year it was accompanied with above average precipitation and that made bass fishing pretty darn good on Lake Jackson! Let’s hope that continues as rain provides much needed oxygen, and keeps fish near the surface and on the edges where they’re easier to catch.

Temperatures will average in the low 90’s. Wind provides little relief as surface temps are greater than what lies below. Without the rain, bass will hang in the most comfortable areas…heavy cover. Jackson is loaded with different types of cover, primarily lily pads. Find the right mixture of lily pads and grass to maximize your chances of success.

For those of you who follow our reports, you’re probably familiar with our method of flipping: big heavy-duty equipment, thick vegetation and your favorite soft plastic bait. This is likely the best method to catch bass this month; the second is to cover lots of water.

Anything that creates a point or ambush spot is where you need to concentrate your efforts. Make several casts with a few different lures. For example, try a top-water buzzing frog, or something you can work quickly for a reaction bite. If you get no takers, try a different frog that floats and pops. Then, try swim jig or a worm worked just under the surface, and finally, cast or pitch a Texas-rigged worm to the edge and let it fall. Keep a close eye on your line, many times the bass will take the worm and spit it right back out. If you see your line jump, go ahead and set the hook.

Finally, have go at night fishing. Again, big equipment is needed because I like to throw surface lures that make a lot of noise or attract attention. Also, try plastic worms fished near deeper lily pads in front of Hwy 27 ramp, or the edges of the sink holes. In summer, bass will move to those deeper edges at night to feed in the summer. Please be prepared: flash lights, bug spray and always have a game plan in case of emergency. Always let someone know you’re out, for how long, and when you plan to return when night fishing.

For those chasing bream, August offers some great bream fishing, but get out early, the heat is unbearable once the sun gets up. Plenty of sunscreen and water is mandatory this month; it doesn’t take long to get dehydrated in these conditions.

So until next month, be safe have fun and ALWAYS wear a life jacket while boating!

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