Lake Jackson Fishing Forecast – July 2017

Happy Fourth of July everyone! Lake Jackson is an excellent place for family fun to fish, boat, ski, kayak or paddle board. If you like the water, then this is for you! With boat ramps in four locations access is easy, but not all ramps can accommodate large boats, so check first before launching.

Bass fishing in July is pretty consistent as bass feed very early in the mornings or very late in the afternoons in the open water areas. During the day, bass run for deep cover, like lily pads or dollar bonnets, that create shade and ambush points. Top-water baits such as soft plastic frogs are deadly and an effective way to target large bass. If the top water isn’t working, you’ll need a rod and reel equipped for fishing heavy cover. This combination will consist of a heavy duty rod, usually 7’ or longer, and a high speed reel spooled with minimum of 50 lb. test braided line. Tied to the end of the line will be a heavy duty hook teamed with a 1 1/4oz bullet weight for penetrating the heavy cover and for a bait you’ll need a soft plastic craw or creature bait; try a variety of colors to see what works best. Work on your pitching and flipping accuracy-once you have that, the rest is easy. Some of the biggest bass caught each year come from using this technique.

Bream fishermen will find plenty of action in the Crowder area as sand bars and other bedding areas are plentiful. On the weekends, while fishing the Crowder area, beware of skiers, tubers and jet skiers, as the waves they create can make for an uncomfortable day of fishing.

So until next month, be safe have fun and ALWAYS wear a life jacket while boating!

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