Lake Jackson Fishing Forecast – June 2019

Punch rig bass.
Punch rig bass.

Lake Jackson water levels are pretty good and that should continue as long as we get just average rainfall this summer. All boat ramps are still open and you’re able to launch most lake boats, kayaks and small water craft.

Bass fishing on Lake Jackson in June should be pretty normal with the weather now stabilized. Early mornings and late afternoons will produce good top-water action because the sun is lower the bass will feed higher. Favorite baits are soft plastic frogs, poppers and buzzbaits when applicable.

June also brings thicker vegetation and that gives bass another place to lay low regarding comfort and feeding. Those of us who enjoy flipping with the “big stick”, look forward to this each year. We prepare our 7’6” to 8’ heavy action rods by pairing them with high speed reels spooled with heavy text braided yozuri line. 50# test minimum. Another feature commonly used when flipping is at least a 1oz tungsten bullet weight. Hooks will vary in size and length but all have heavy duty in common. For plastics, try a Big Bite Baits Craw or Fighting Frog in black or watermelon red colors. You don’t want to present your bait with an overhand cast with a heavy 1 oz. weight into the thick stuff. You want to present the bait in the softest possible way with the least amount of splash. Then as the bait quickly drops through your target area it will elicit a reaction strike when other methods fail. Once the strike is detected and the hook is set this is where the heavy duty part comes in. Look for the thickest nastiest stuff you can find. Often, just getting there is work, so another key component to fishing this way is a powerful trolling motor. For heavy grass and lily pads my choice is Minn Kota hands down, I can get though places other motors can’t. I also use a hand control, this way I can easily lift my motor out of the water to clear weeds or run it just above submerged vegetation.

Remember, we’re in Florida, the “Bass Capital of the World” and Lake Jackson is one of the most famous in the Florida panhandle for producing those double digit trophies.

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