Lake Jackson Fishing Forecast – May 2019

JR Munginger using his Boatstick to pin his boat and catching a nice Lake Jackson bass.
JR Munginger using his Boatstick to pin his boat and catching a nice Lake Jackson bass.

If you live for the excitement of the top water explosion, then Lake Jackson is the place for you in May! Both post spawn and feeding bass will target fast moving baits across the surface. Key places to try include any vegetation on any part of the lake. With water levels still above normal bass have scattered and can be found almost anywhere. The best approach and advice I can give is to cover lots of water. Launch at any of the lakes ramps, drop the trolling motor and start chunking and winding. While some anglers prefer to move a soft plastic floating frog, others like to cast and retrieve frogs and other soft plastics that sink slowly when stopped. Both methods are effective and will catch you fish at any given time. I do recommend having both tied on. When one stops working try the other. This is also a time of the year when bass will hunker down in thicker vegetation. In these instances you’ll want to employ a tactic know as flipping. This is quite opposite of throwing top water lures and heavy line and equipment is a must. Large bullet sinkers in ¾ oz. to 1 oz. size threaded on minimum of 50# test braided Yo-Zuri line is my preferred tackle, teamed with a high speed reel and heavy wire hook. Baits include craws and creatures. Again, just like I mentioned earlier, put the trolling motor in gear and keep flipping till you find them. You’ll be able to duplicate that around the lake once you establish the type of cover and depth they’re in.

Until Next month, be safe have fun and ALWAYS wear a life jacket while boating!

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