Lake Jackson Fishing Forecast – November 2019

November bass fishing on Lake Jackson is usually one of the best months of the year. Water temps are finally cooling and this will invigorate the top-water action that can last all day. In open water, walking baits like a Zara Spook Jr. can be deadly. A Rapala Floating Minnow, size F11 or F13, is easy to use and effective. I nearly always give these to my clients this time of year. Find some scattered grass (it isn’t hard right now) near other forms of vegetation or cover like lily pads or trees. Cast your Rapala horizontal with the grass line using 12# test monofilament. After the bait hits the water, wait until the rings it creates are about 3’ away before making a turn of the reel. With a semi slack line “pop” your rod tip and make the bait look like an injured shiner; then just hold on! This method works well throughout most of the day. I’ve caught plenty of double digit bass this time of year using this technique.

Another great thing is that the grass will begin to die back. Shallow areas across the lake will be affected first. Floating grass clumps hold lots of bait and that attracts the bass. Work in and around the clumps with a flipping stick, soft plastic jerk bait or a Rapala.

Not long ago, we were super excited about the amount of rain during the first half of the year. Water levels were stable at a foot above normal allowing access to places that were inaccessible for the last 2 years. That excitement is over and now we’re hoping for rain each day to keep from losing Lake Jackson to one of it’s sink holes again. Winter months are usually absent of quality rainfall needed to sustain falling water levels. Bass boats and other rigs up to 22’ can still launch safely at Sunset Landing. Other boat ramps are functional with john boats, kayaks and canoes better suited for a safe and happy launch.

If you’re looking to spend some quality time on the water November is the month for you!

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