Lake Jackson Fishing Forecast – Sept. 2017

Haulin in the bass with
Haulin in the bass with

As summer comes to a close and football season begins, area lakes and rivers are less pressured especially during game time. For us die hard fishermen, it’s paradise as we pretty much have all the water to ourselves.

This is especially true on Lake Jackson here in Tallahassee, FL. Located just a few miles from our state capital, Lake Jackson is well known as being a virtual bass factory. Since 2011, the last time a sink hole opened up, water levels have remained constant and bass fishing just gets better and better.

Aquatic vegetation control has made bass fishing stronger than ever since the drought of 1999, and it continues to produce both quality and large quantities of largemouth bass.

Recent size limit changes by Florida Fish and Wildlife have been put in place to create more trophy size bass. By removing the minimum size limit, anglers may now keep five bass under 16” long, with one over 16”. The plan is supposed to limit the amount of competition for food therefore enabling bass to grow faster.

I’ve ALWAYS been an advocate of catch and release. There is nothing wrong with keeping bass or any other fish as long as rules established by local, state and federal governments are strictly followed. Even I will save a few nice 14-inchers for the frying pan on occasion.

In September, low light hours still continue to produce the better catches while the weather stays warm. Daytime temps can reach well into the 90’s, and water temps remain high creating a lack of oxygen higher in the water column. Rainy and windy days are good time to throw top water baits like frogs and poppers. Flipping a creature bait into dense cover is the best way to fish for bass during the day, just like the past couple months.

Bream fishermen have had great success over the past couple months during the major moon phases. Focus on the Crowder area where subtle changes in bottom depth are holding bedding brim. Crickets and wigglers continue to be the best way to catch these guys.

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