Lake Jackson Fishing Report: March 2014

Reggie and Sherri Calhoun, recent newly weds.
Reggie and Sherri Calhoun, recent newly weds.

By Capt. JR Mundinger

HURRAY!!!  Lake Jackson will still be up this year in March. Although water levels are a bit below normal, you can still maneuver around the lake with little difficulty. And for those of you that are familiar with March fishing on Lake Jackson, well need I say more! With the lake’s clear water and hard bottom, it makes it one of Leon County’s’ best sight fishing lakes. And there’s no secret to some of the spots although some do have a few secrets they’re not gonna share….but I will! I actually developed a jig specifically for sight fishing bedding bass on Lake Jackson. Over the years I’ve caught hundreds and hundreds of bedding bass and won lots of money doing it. The time frame is narrow, so be sure to take advantage of it while you can. And remember, the lake has been down for the last couple years so there’s lots of fish that have never seen a lure of any kind. What to look for:  Several factors play into finding bedding bass on Lake Jackson. A big one is sandy bottom and warm water. Another is proximity to deeper water. Put these together and you’ll do well. Sometimes there is so much good water to cover, it drives you crazy. And for the big hint, slow down. Once you’ve found a few bedding fish, it’s time to slow down and be very quiet. Wear clothes that match the surroundings. Light colored shirts and hats will blend in with the background like camo in the woods. Stay away from reds, greens and yellows as it’s way to much contrast. Stealth is your best friend. Run a high powered trolling motor through the area, and fish scatter like cock roaches when the lights come on. Push pole if you have one, or put the trolling motor on low. Ease, and I mean ease, your way through the area. Pretend like your head is on a swivel with ball bearings, rotating back and forth, looking for movement or contrast on the bottom.  There is where you should find what you’re looking for. Finally you’ve spotted the fish you want to pursue. With rod and jig in hand, pitch a foot or two past the bed. “Hop” your bait through the area the first time and watch the fish’s reaction. If it runs, move on. If it looks but doesn’t touch, spend some time there. If you see the red gills flare, SET THE HOOK!
Hopefully this information will make your March fishing experience on Lake Talquin and Lake Jackson successful. Don’t hesitate to drop me an e-mail with questions or information on the jigs I use to conquer those bedding bass. And until next month, be safe have fun and always wear a life jacket while boating!  

Capt. JR Mundinger-Professional Guide