Lake Seminole Fishing Report – April 2017

Paul Tyre and Nic Jeter won a recent Fishers Of Men bass tournament with 19.22 lbs. and a 6.5 lb. lunker.

Lake Conditions: Full Pool, Clear to Stained, 70 Degrees

Lake Seminole is on fire! Bass have had a very good spawn this spring. As we go into the post-spawn phase of the spawning cycle, there are several lures that will be very productive: one is a spinnerbait, the other is a frog.

The spinnerbait I like to use this time of year is a 3/8 oz. Strike King Double Willow in chartreuse and white fished along the edge of the grass lines. The shad will be spawning this time of year. If you notice the shad following your spinnerbait back to the boat, you know you’re in a good area. Typically, this bite only lasts a couple of hours in the early morning.

A top-water frog has been producing some big bass and will continue to throughout the summer. I like the Strike King Popping Perch in Shad Spawn. I like to fish this bait over the top of the grass and over the holes in the grass.

The bream and shellcracker are starting to bed up and they can be caught on red wigglers in 2’- to 5’ of water. We have campers in the Bass Island Campground at Wingate’s Lunker Lodge who come just to fish for them.