Lake Talquin Fishing Forecast – April 2018

Dan Coyer while visiting from Indiana took some time to fish lake Talking with fishtallahassee guide service and caught several bass over 5lbs.

“Curveball”…As unseasonably cold weather swept through the south east starting in late February, bass took a hit as they were heading shallow to spawn. Talquin has always been known to have an extended spawning season, but since moon phases didn’t peak when daytime temps did, it’s got them pushed back to early April.

We could almost duplicate last month’s report in regards to where and why the fish will be where they are supposed to. I’ve been doing this since 1998 and I can count on one hand how many times this big wave of spawners has been pushed back to April.

March found big catches coming from main lake and creek channel points where bass were staging, all grouped up just waiting to run to the banks. Once you located the fish it was a matter of keeping your bait in the water and your equipment up to par as not to lose 4 and 5 pounders on almost every other cast sometimes.

Some bass have spawned and the many empty beds with fry are proof. If you’re going bass fishing don’t forget to bring enough gear to fish for all three stages of the spawn.

Pre spawn bass should now be sitting just outside of spawning flats on ledges or points in creeks and ditches in 6’ to 8’ of water with steep sides for quick movement. These are good places to start. Spawning bass can be almost anywhere you find a hard, clean bottom and there’s usually lily pads or buggy whip grass nearby for cover.

Post spawn bass, especially the bigger ones, will be on the outer edges of the lily pads, grass or whips. So many different types and style of baits can get you bit because these fish are very aggressive when protecting newly hatched fry. When you do catch one they will normally be beaten up from the spawning process. From the initial fertilization, to guarding eggs and eventually protecting baby bass this process will take its toll on both male and female bass.

Quick moving baits during low light hours like buzz baits and frogs are great for covering water and getting that big bite. As the sun climbs higher and fish get wary a more subtle approach like soft plastic floating worms or a jerk bait such as a fluke is needed.

So if it’s bass you’re after in April, be prepared. Lots of gear, including foul weather gear; April is known for wet weather.

Until next month, be safe have fun and ALWAYS wear a life jacket while boating!


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