Lake Talquin Fishing Forecast – April 2019


Lake Talquin can be tricky in April depending on water levels and temperature. Water temps are generally in the 60’s and there is a lot of spawning bass caught in the backs of creeks and main lake pockets. When these fish get done they move to nearby cover such as grass, weeds, trees or docks. Post-spawn 101 includes fishing spinner baits, buzz baits, floating worms, frogs and swim baits. With over 9000 acres of water there is lots of room for bass to hide. To make it as easy as possible this time of year, start in the backs of areas and work out. Little River is a great place to start your day. Be super-duper careful because it’s loaded with bone jarring stumps! Don’t believe me?…well you better, I’ve hit them and seen others sink boats by trying to run in and out of there. It is however, excellent fishing and worth the time to idle in and out.

Crappie fishing is also very good in April. Most of the males have moved out to the deeper edges of the creeks and can be caught trolling curly tail grubs and hair jigs. Ends of docks in creeks like Oklawaha and Harvey will hold schools of crappie this time of year and it’s hard to beat dipping a minnow on the end of a cane pole around these areas. Please be considerate of the dock owners and try not to bump into or get your bait stuck on their property. Most are pleasant enough and don’t mind you fishing near their stuff but there are those who think they own the whole lake. If you’re ever involved in an altercation with another just call the police and don’t try to take care of it yourself.

Hope these tips help, and until next month, be safe, have fun and ALWAYS wear a life jacket while boating!

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