Lake Talquin Fishing Forecast – August 2018

Jon Waugh and Russel Bryan with a whopper 32lb sack of good’uns from Lake Talquin ledges.
Jon Waugh and Russel Bryan with a whopper 32lb sack of good’uns from Lake Talquin ledges.

Dog days have arrived on Lake Talquin! Well, at least the early part of them, so let’s call them puppy days. Water temperatures have finally crept into the low 90’s and that pushes bait and bass deep into the water column once the sun gets up. Small windows of shallow opportunity still exist during low light periods. Fast moving baits, like rattle traps and other vibrating baits, work well on schooling fish. A top-water treat comes in the form of an explosion on occasion when working a Spook JR in those same areas. Mixed in are stripers and white bass. Many times you’ll feel white bass strike but won’t hook up simply because their mouths are too small; not so when the big bad striper hits…you’ll know instantly!

Main lake ledges are where you’ll find most of the action you’re looking for. As bait moves so do bass. Rain creates current due to water level control. Lake Talquin is also a power generating lake where water is moved through large turbines to create energy, and when the generating happens so does the fishing…or should I say catching.

The best places to try are main lake ledges and current breaks off the main river channel. This gives bass and other fish a chance to move vertically through the water column when feeding. The horizontal action comes when bass chase schools of bait across long ledges and breaks along the river channel. Crank baits and spinner baits work very well when targeting feeding bass because you can cover more water. Once the action slows, it’s time for you to slow with it. Pick up a jig or large Texas-rigged plastic worm. Fish slow enough to feel the bottom and the structure there. Often, when your bait moves over or through said structure is when a strike is triggered and Mr. Bass is biting.

Until next Month be safe, have fun and ALWAYS wear a life jacket while boating!

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