Lake Talquin Fishing Forecast – July 2018

Guide JR with a nice striper caught topwater fishing for largemouth bass. Explosive & fun.
Guide JR with a nice striper caught topwater fishing for largemouth bass. Explosive & fun.

Even as daytime temps rise, Lake Talquin is still behind as far as seasonal patterns go. The mid-June water temps in the 80’s we experienced are more typical in May; that brings lots of good top water action near river and creek channel points adjacent to spawning grounds. Top water walking baits, like a Zara Spook or Chug Bug, worked methodically across the surface will elicit heart pounding strikes from feeding bass. Throw in the possibility of a 20 lb. striper on the end of that line, and that’s where I want to be! This pattern should continue in the upper reaches of the river until the rain slows or water temps reach into the upper 80’s because bait fish are abundant in this area. Even shallow water with lily pads are holding some nice fish.

As July continues and inevitably heats up, bass will continue to follow the shad to deeper water. Common ledge depths include 10’ on the upper side to the second drop in about 16’ of water. A decent fish finder, small assortment of crank baits and some large worms fished both Texas and Carolina-rigged is a must to locate and catch ledge fish. Keep colors simple: cranks in shad and firetiger, and worms in green pumpkin, june bug, red bug and black; all basic Florida dark water colors.

If it’s bream you’re after, book your trips around the moon phases; full is better, but the new moon can fill your cooler too. Trees that line the banks with sand usually load up. A couple of cane poles and 100 crickets will have you catching for hours, or until the crickets are gone.

Remember, lots and lots of people will be on the water celebrating the 4th of July. It’s super important to stress safety at all times: ALWAYS put a life jacket on children and limit alcohol consumption. Know your waters and your limits. If it seems dangerous, it probably is. There are no brakes on a boat and there’s no do-overs after an accident.

Until next month, be safe, have fun and ALWAYS wear a life jacket while boating!!

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