Lake Talquin Fishing Forecast – June 2018

Retired NOAA biologist Alan Collins of PC holding one of many bass caught during a May afternoon trip. He noted what a great fishery Talquin is.

Bass fishing improved greatly in May. As weather patterns stabilized, so did the positioning of the fish, though it seems we’re still about a month behind in where the bass are SUPPOSED to be.

June will find bass on main lake points and ledges for the most part but some later spawning bass will still remain in the mid, to back, of creeks. Water temps didn’t hit mid 70’s on a consistent basis until mid-May. The shad spawn was still going on during late May and that will keep lots of bass moving back and forth between the lily pads and ledges early in the month.

Any bass still shallow should be very aggressive during low light hours which include both morning and evening. Buzz-baits, other prop baits and buzzing frogs will get a killer reaction. Schooling should happen, if it does, a small spinner bait or Texas-rigged worm thrown near or at them will get bites.

As the sun rises, the fishing will slow as bass move out with the bait. You’ll see many pods of shad in shallow areas adjacent to spawning areas. Bass that follow these are extremely hard to catch for the most part. Some use a Rattle Trap, I like to throw a gold vibrating blade. Retrieve it super-fast with a stop and go action.
If you locate bass offshore the good old Carolina-rigged lizard or creature bait works well. I prefer a jig or large Texas-rigged worm. I like to use a 10” or 11” worm rigged on a 5/0 hook and a 3/8oz bullet weight. In windy conditions I’ll switch to a 1/2 oz. tungsten weight or a 5/8oz jig. Primary colors are junebug and green pumpkin. Keep your bait in contact with everything on the bottom. Once I do hit something like a log or rock, I’ll shake it and let it sit.

Crank baits are always a good option when targeting offshore bass. Line size will vary depending on bait size and how far you want it to dive. The bigger diameter of line the shallower it will run. I also like to use braid with a 6’ fluorocarbon leader. I often throw this on a spinning rod for extra distance on windy days, and you certainly can’t beat the sensitivity.

For those days when nothing seems to work, try a shaky head or drop shot but with a little bit larger line than you see on TV. This is Lake Talquin and not some crystal clear lake in Kansas. 12- and 15-lb. test respectively will not only get bites for you but you can still wind in that lunker when you do get her on!
Bream fishermen have been having a ball. On the last full moon they were hungry and fishermen took full advantage. Keep that in mind for the June moon too!

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