Lake Talquin Fishing Forecast – Oct. 2018

Pumpkins, ghosts, goblins and ghouls highlight the month of October, but that’s not until the end of the month. Early on, bass fishing will remain the same when referring to the dog days of summer. With 2018 being one where summer weather patterns didn’t evolve until late June, don’t look for it to be a typical October. Fishing does change as days get shorter and the bright sun shine changes angles warming the other side of the lake. Water temperatures will slowly begin to cool and here’s how I attack Lake Talquin in October.

Cooler nights bring plenty of bait into the creeks and bays. As always, bass follow closely behind along with crappie, catfish and stripers. Bass, being a part of the sunfish family, actually prefer warmer water. As long as there’s plenty of oxygen and food there’s no reason for them to leave their haunts. Keep this in mind as you start your day from any one of the county or state maintained boat ramps around the lake. Signs to watch for include bait popping, frogs moving on the banks and bass busting near or in the lily pads and other shallow vegetation. I’ll often launch at different ramps to see what’s going on. Not all creeks and tributaries cool or warm at the same time. Find the right one and you pretty much have it to yourself this time of year.

Baits are pretty simple. Floating Rapalas, swim baits or paddle tail worms cover water and will key you in where the bass are staged to ambush. Top water can also be a delight during low light conditions and bass feed on dragon flies, feeding shad and frogs. Buzzing baits account for plenty of big bass during a calm October morning.

For you late sleepers, no worries – late afternoons can be just like mornings using the same tactics. If you do get out during the early afternoon you may want to check out some deeper creek channel ledges because bass and baitfish will move in and out depending on conditions.

One last thing, check out duck weed and other really green vegetation in the pockets and backs of creeks. Many times I’ll patiently wait, watching areas of grass and pads mixed together. All it takes is one or two swirls and I know the bass are close by.

We love our outdoors, football and hunting, so if your teams not playing or if it’s too hot to hike in the woods, come on out to Lake Talquin.

Be safe, have fun and ALWAYS wear a life jacket while boating!

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