Lake Talquin Fishing Forecast – Sept. 2018

Lots of rain this summer has Lake Talquin a little more stained than years past. This is not a big deal because the lake normally takes on a tannic color anyway. It does however play into the choice of bait colors and sizes.

September is typically one of the dog day months on Talquin. This year is no different with the exception of a little more water than normal. This means more water will be “pulled” through the damn therefore creating an abundance of current where past Septembers see little. This is a bonus for catching bass and other species that live on or near the river channel and adjacent waters. Deep water is where most bass go to feel the comforts of home during warm months. As water temps hover in the high 80’s to low 90’s it’s here where bass seek shelter to stay cool.

Like other months, ledge fishing success is contingent on bait. If bait does not exist chances are there aren’t too many bass around either. Bait size matters. The shad spawn that took place in late April produced shad that are now the size of a silver dollar. Keep that in mind when chasing schooling fish. Often, larger bass will wait beneath the small bass eager to feed on their leftovers. A slow rolling spinner bait or medium size spoon will trigger the bigger to bite also.

Another good thing about fishing Lake Talquin in September is the lack of crowds; most fishermen are attending FSU games or getting their hunting land ready for October.
Early and later in the day is still the better times to go. Big bass are caught with more frequency during the full moon cycle. Night fishing can be very rewarding but you better know what you’re doing on a lake like this before trying it.

Until next time, be safe, have fun and ALWAYS wear a life jacket while boating.

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