Low Country Kayak Anglers – 2020 Year in Review

What a year and kayak season we just ended here at Lowcountry Kayak Anglers. A year ago this week we were preparing the 2020 season calendar of events.

We were offering the biggest ever slate of kayak fishing opportunities in our 6 year history.

We were also making handouts and flyers to distribute at Hadrell’s Shallow Water Expo and other preseason fishing events around town.

The ensuing months of COVID related shutdowns and social distancing lead to mass closures of public access points, boat landings, and entire islands to keep people safe from themselves.

With no end in sight, events were cancelled or rescheduled and the small businesses were forced to shut down as were entire industries and supply chains.

Through all of this, your kayak club sought avenues for our members to pursue the need to be outside.

Kayaking and kayak fishing are perfect options for outdoor recreation while folding in the constantly changing recommendations for personal safety.

Once the state shut down boat ramps, LKA sought and found the perfect partner in Nature Adventures Outfitters in Awendaw.

We also partnered with Hadrell’s Point Tackle to offer delivery service to Awendaw for phone orders so folks could get their tackle needs covered.

Nature Adventures was unable to operate tours due to closures and LKA members were able to take advantage of their beautiful property and its saltwater and freshwater options for the duration of the closures.

A great partnership that helped members and a local business, we will do all we can to offer this opportunity again as needed.

COVID also forced the cancellation of new events, meet-ups, and other public club events.

Two of our staple tournaments were able to be held, LKA’s annual Battle at Paradise (redfish/trout) and our new fan favorite bowfin event, the Jurassic Classic.

Both events were won by LKA tournament ace, Dave Jaskiewicz along with taking home a trophy for biggest trout from the Battle!

Jurassic Classic also spawned a club vs club challenge with our neighbors in Pee Dee Kayak Anglers.

Their own Gerry Ward took the prize for his club, catching the largest bowfin among both clubs in a monthly challenge.

Our annual Angler of the Year got off to a fast start with more anglers in our club history submitting fish for the first 2 months.

After that, the fishing got tougher, with a couple months featuring fewer than 10 fish of the target species caught by participants.

With a few months to go, our winner, Jason Schall emerged with a nearly insurmountable lead as long as he caught the monthly fish.

He did, and won by a larger margin than anyone in the events history.

In 2020 the club was also asked to serves as host for KBF Redfish Series for their first ever regional live event.

This national tournament series has evolved to become Kayak Saltwater Series.

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Kayak fishing during Covid also drove a spike in new members, with folks more folks getting exploring kayak fishing than ever before.

Among those were our Lady Angler of the Year, Alex Russell and our Little Hammer of the Year, Ava Tweedy.

We’re pleased to say that because of these ladies and their enthusiasm for the sport, we’ll be expanding our lady angler and youth offerings in 2021.

Next month’s issue will feature our calendar for this year; check it out and come on out and see what you’re missing,

COVID permitting we’ll be doing a lot more events this year (if not we’ll use online).

Happy New Year!
Chris Tweedy, LKA President.


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