Mobile Bay / Eastern Shore

Capt. Dan Kolenich

It’s the end of July and feels like the middle of August. Water temps are in the upper 80’s and will be hitting 90 degrees by the end of the month. With all the rain this year the water is looking good in the delta. So, if your looking for some trout action you better be on the water before sunrise because they will be headed for deep water as the sun comes up. Look at some of the docks on the eastern shore early or some shallow points near deeper drop offs for some top water action. Once the sun comes up focus on the deeper structure like the rigs in the south end of the bay, Middle Bay Lighthouse, or drop offs in the Mobile River. Live shrimp on slip corks is the way to go in these deep water hideouts.

If your looking for redfish, look for shell bottoms in three to six feet of water along the rivers in the Delta. Docks along the shore south of the causeway and the Mobile river are worth a look too. Try soft plastics on a 1/4 or 3/8 oz jig head or my favorite Hildebrandt spinner baits with a size 41/2 gold blade. Colors I like are root beer/chartreuse, white/chartreuse, electric chicken, natural shrimp, and chartreuse/red. A live shrimp on a carolina rig will also be productive. Don’t be surprised if you find a flounder hanging out in these same places.

If your looking for some flounder action a curly tail grub on a 3/8 oz jig head or a bull minnow on a carolina rig will help you find success. Look at the points in the delta like Tensaw Point or any of the many others that look like it.

It looks like we’re in for a long hot summer, so hit it early and fish hard so you can be headed for the AC by noon.

Capt. Dan Kolenich