Mosquito Lagoon Fishing Forecast: June 2013

June, WOW, our year is half way through! Now get out there and catch a few before the real heat sets in. Water temperatures have been consistently in the mid to upper seventies through May and will elevating well into the eighties as June passes by. Eventually warming waters will slow the bite on the flats during mid-day periods. Fishing very early or late in the day will become normal operating procedure for me and my clients.heat sets in. June is typically the last month where water temps remain ideal for the population of redfish and seatrout to feed sporadically throughout the day in the shallows of the Mosquito Lagoon.

mosquito lagoon catch
Mattie slammed the schoolie trout early in the day then whacked several big ones like this while he and dad recently fished with Captain Mark Wright.

The entire eco-system is busy now. Baitfish of all types are abundant or becoming so. Pinfish, pigfish, mullet, pogies and scads of fry-fish (young of any species) are easily found throughout the lagoon. We are still seeing decent numbers of shrimp and blue crabs. In other words, there are no poor choices (within reason) as to what kind of lure to use or which natural bait to purchase or catch for a successful fishing trip.

With the silver mullet population exploding throughout the lagoon system right now I’m using several different artificial lure to imitate them. The Aqua Dream Living weedless spoon in the mullet pattern truly excels as a search bait and is a fantastic choice for a novice angler to employ at any time: don’t think just throw and crank!

Exude RT Slugs rule right now and rigging one weedless in the Smokin’ Shad color is a no-brainer for me. While I often start my day with an all-white RT Slug the Smokin’ Shad finds its way onto the hook as soon as the bite slows with the white. Of course if we started late or we’re on an afternoon outing the Smokin’ Shad gets the nod right away as the glitter within the lure adds a bit of lifelike flash.

DO NOT forget the top-water plugs. I use several brands and styles trying to match the size of the plug’s body to the size of the baitfish we are fishing. However if I want to target bigger fish, a Gator Trout for example, I use a larger plug. Banks Lures Fender Walker is a favorite here!

Obviously, live and natural cut baits will get the job done too. A basic circle hook with a small split shot is all I need for this propose and I keep at least one rod rigged this way… just in case!