Mt Pleasant Pier August Fishing Forecast

There’s a lot of variety to what anglers are seeing on the Mount Pleasant Pier and we expect that to continue into August and September.

Before the kids go back to school you’ve got a few more weeks to get them out and get them hooked on a favorite Lowcountry activity.

If you haven’t seen the smile and wonder on the face of a child when they see a fish come over the rail for the first time you should make plans to give it a try.

Romeo with a nice 19″ flounder

Most kids don’t care what they catch so there’s no need for over complicating the process trying to land a monster the first time out.

There will be plenty of time to learn those tricks once you get them wanting to fish again. One of the simplest setups for catching small fish involves a light rod and a sabiki rig.

Sabiki is a Japanese term for jigging a saltwater rig vertically to catch bait. The rigs typically cost around $1.50 and can be picked up in the River Watch Café and Gift Shop on the pier or at your favorite tackle shop.

Most kids don’t care what they catch so there’s no need for over complicating the process

They come with the necessary swivels and lines already setup with tiny hooks and pieces of fish skin bait. The packages even have diagrams and instructions that show you how to set it up.

Be sure to grab a small sinker to go with the rig and you’re ready to fish. Once rigged up, drop the line straight down below the pier and give it a little movement.

If the baitfish are there you’ll know very soon!

Other pier anglers also use small hooks (size 6 or smaller) with a basic 2 drop rig and do fairly well. Be sure that both the hooks and pieces of bait are small.

In doing so you may run into pinfish, whiting, bluefish, croaker, or spot that may otherwise steal your bait.

We occasionally see redfish and trout on these rigs as well, but for entertainment value the puffer fish is a family favorite.

Kids love seeing several varieties of puffer fish come over the rail and put on a show inflating themselves and making funny faces. Good luck out there!

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