N. Indian River Lagoon

Capt. Mark Wright

Lower levels and cooler temperatures have certainly helped to somewhat clean the water in the Titusville area. Though it’s cleaner than in recent times, it is in no way as clear as it should be.
The improved water clarity allows at least some visibility once the sun rises a bit and we’ve been targeting sand patches to toss our soft plastic lures across. Nothing new with this technique other than we can actually see the bottom now and we’re using this to our advantage.
The best fishing has been targeting “tailing” redfish and black drum when this activity presents itself. Most mornings the tailing stops by 0900 or so. That’s great by me because by then we can see the sand patches and begin targeting them.
While a live shrimp affixed to a circle hook is probably the best bait option for the tailing fish the Z-man EZ ShrimpZ are catching plenty as well. On the days when it’s tough to get a bite on lures we’re adding some Pro-Cure shrimp or crab scent to the plastics.
As is normal on my boat one person is tossing a 3 inch MinnowZ lure to cover the water a little quicker and picking off a few of the more energetic predators. Of course, we’ll switch both rods to what’s working best once the fish tell us their preference.

Capt. Mark Wright