Brevard N Indian River Lagoon June 2016

Brevard N Indian River Lagoon June 2016
Tiffany showing off one of her many trout that ate a live shrimp under a popping cork on a recent trip with
Capt Mark Wright

June ushers in the official beginning of summer. To me summer always equates to great catches of seatrout. Those of you who know me know I have a background in the commercial fishing arena and catching huge numbers of seatrout on rod and reel was a passion for me.

If catching tons-o-trout gets your heart pumping double-time you should consider learning the tricks of catching and using live pigfish. These inshore grunts are the very best trout catching bait we have in our locale.

The simplest of tackle is all you’ll need; a rod with enough backbone to overcome your popping cork on the hook-set, a length of 30 or 40 pound leader, a swivel and a hook. You might have noticed I did not mention a weight of any kind. No weight is necessary when targeting seatrout on the flats as the pigfish will simply and quickly swim down of its own volition.

The key to succeeding here is suspending the pigfish at just the right depth. The right depth adjustment is when the piggy can ALMOST swim down into the grass and hide. Suspended properly the bait will struggle greatly and “grunt” continuously which excites the seatrout!

For those who prefer artificial lures you can mimic the technique by suspending a Z-Man Scented Pogyz on a jighead below your cork. Pop the float often giving your lure an erratic action.

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