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Living Life by the Buoy

Written By: Caitlyn Gatrell Winter fishing is nothing short of an adventure. As the cool temperatures start to creep in, … Jan 31st, 2024

When in Doubt

By: Joe Sheaffer What is your favorite lure? Like most anglers I have a plethora of lures, top water plugs, … Jan 31st, 2024

Just Another Mahi Monday

By: Jessica Harris With the new year finally here, came new goals. Fishing goals that is. Between bucket list fish … Jan 31st, 2024

Naples Fishing Reports

Head to the Passes

By: Joe Sheaffer Many anglers in Southwest Florida stop fishing the beaches during the colder months. The colder water temps … Dec 31st, 2023

Fishing Opportunities

By: Joe Sheaffer Like many anglers, I really enjoy spending a day fishing from my boat. It allows me to … Dec 1st, 2023

Fall Fishing

By: Capt. Dave Stephens This fall has been a little crazy so far, as we have been down on our … Oct 31st, 2023

Plastic Jerk Shads

By: Joe Sheaffer Looking back to my bass fishing days, one of my go-to lures was a plastic jerk shad. … Oct 31st, 2023

Veteran’s Day and Ft. Myers Boat Show

By: Capt. Terry Fisher Firstly, I want to thank all our ‘Military Veterans’ and active personnel for their bravery, support … Oct 31st, 2023

The Hunt for October Redfish

by: Capt. Terry Fisher It’s been a fun and eventful summertime for 1st Mate Vicki and I working areas of … Sep 30th, 2023

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Water Temps

By: Capt. Dave Stephens Well fellow anglers, we survived the deep freeze over the holiday season. Then we had the … Jan 31st, 2024

Perfect Time of Year

By: Capt. Billy Norris Well, another month has gone by here in Southwest Florida, and the fishing continues to be … Jan 31st, 2024

Memories are Made in the Mangroves

By: Capt. Tim Ramsey I remember my first foray into the backcountry. I was 17 or 18, and my parents … Jan 31st, 2024

Naples Fishing & Outdoors

Know What You’re Getting Into

By: Capt. Tim Ramsey My wife and I went fishing one day in the backcountry east of the Marco Island … Dec 31st, 2023

Fishing Recommendations for This Year

By: Captain Terry Fisher The November 2023 Ft. Myers Boat Show had a great showing with a number of inquisitive … Dec 31st, 2023

We Have it so Good

By: Capt. Tim Ramsey Here we are, coming up on the holiday season, and we have it better than you … Dec 1st, 2023

Holiday Fishing

By: Capt. Terry Fisher It is that time of year when the area ‘lights’ up with numerous visitors and homeowners … Nov 30th, 2023

Fishing Tips & Advice

Important Update on Navigating Wiggins Pass

by Alan Ritchie All mariners that use the waters in southwest Florida are aware that conditions are dynamic and are … Apr 1st, 2019

Boat Engine Tips & Tricks

by Kit Sawyer There are several things to look over before using your boat, such as pulling the drain plug … Sep 1st, 2018

When it comes to barotrauma, the right tools mean everything.

It’s that time of year when you may be fishing for snapper and grouper. Continue your role as a conservationist … Aug 1st, 2018

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