North Indian River Lagoon Fishing Forecast: November


Even the seatrout smile in the Fall… Chris Brandes enjoys a morning on the In- dian River with Cap- tain Mark Wright.
caption: Chris proudly displays his personal best redfish caught while fishing with Captain Mark Wright. This 43 inch monster devoured a Super Spook top- water plug.

November is often the month of the unknowns in Florida. While temperatures of both water and air are near perfect the wind is a constant we cannot depend on. Even this October has proven windy. As I write this forecast it’s mid- October and the wind is proving problematic. We will not know if this early October blow is an omen for November’s weather pattern or not. As I’ve stated earlier, November’s weather and fishing patterns are very uncertain…

The good news though is the fish will often not care if the wind is giving us grief. This October proved that high winds do not always mean poor fishing. Yes, we’ve had to adapt our techniques a bit, but the redfish and seatrout still chewed and the black drum began making their presence known on our local flats! Our Fall season is quite simply a “fishy” time of year, wind or not!

When it is windy I find adding a bit more weight to our weedless soft plastics helps my anglers to keep in touch with the lure even though the wind keeps a substantial bow in the line. Employing an Aqua Dream spoon is a great tactic too, especially for the anglers

who are having trouble using soft plastic “twitch” style lures. Too, not much beats a tail hooked live shrimp during our cool weather seasons. Adding a split-shot or two or three will help control the bow in your line and give an angler the ability to make longer and more accurate casts.

Finally, when high winds make casting a nightmare a live mullet or any type of cut bait soaked in sand holes will catch at least a few fish and often more than a few. What I’m saying here is simple; do not let wind alone keep you from your passion. A fair-weather fisherman doesn’t catch many fish because he stays home far too often!