October Reds – By Jiggin’ Jerry

As we move into October, it has always been a long time favorite for large Red Drum to be one of our primary targeted game fish among our local inshore fishermen.

The Red Drum this time of year have also become a favorite for a lot of tourists that have experienced fishing for these big bulls along the Carolina coast and usually cannot help planning an annual trip to do it all again.

So why October?

October is the month that large Red Drum exceeding 40 inches move along our beach fronts in large schools, and if you are fishing in the right spot at the right time with the right bait accompanied by the right gear, you could very well land yourself one as nice as a 53-inch big bull Red Drum.

So, for those of you that have not experienced fishing for these large Red Drum this time of year, you might be wondering—where do I need to be to find these fish?

Do I have to have a boat or be on a boat to get to them? What size rod and reel would I need? And the biggest question of all—what kind of bait should I use?

The first question—where can I find the fish? These fish will be located off of our local beaches. One of the most popular beaches is Folly Beach, but there are a number of locations along our southern coast that one could easily look up on the Internet that should produce some nice fish.

The second question—do I have to have a boat? No, you do not have to have a boat to target these fish.

Most of these fish are taken this time of year by surf fishing or pier fishing, but if you do have means to a boat, taking one out to our local jetties or some of our local estuaries will still produce some beautiful fish.

The third question—what size rod and reel would I need? The rod and reel style will depend on the location you are fishing. If you are surf fishing, a surf rod combo is usually recommended.

If you are fishing off a boat or a pier, a medium, heavy-action rod around 7 foot accompanied by at least a 4000 size reel with 20-pound test or higher fishing line and 20-pound test or higher fluorocarbon leader should do the trick.

The fourth question—what kind of bait should I use? Live bait or fresh cut bait will usually show the best results.

Live bait, like Finger Mullet, Croaker, small Pinfish and Perch work fantastic, especially if the visibility in the water is good.

If the water is very cloudy causing poor visibility, then any one of these fresh baits cut up into chunks will work best because Red Drum can smell the cut bait from long distances.

So, now that we have covered the basics, I would like to recommend a location that has worked for locals and tourists alike for years and that is the Folly Pier.

Ran by Charleston County Parks & Recreation, the Folly Pier has been a location where inshore fishermen have routinely targeted seasonal fish like King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Tarpon and, of course, big Red Drum.

Using the bait and tackle recommended above, people of all ages have had the opportunity and chance to catch and land one of these red monsters off of this pier.


Unfortunately, we only have until October 18th to fish off of the Folly Pier. The Folly Pier after October 18th is scheduled for demolition.

The pier will be rebuilt with concrete pilings and a wood deck. It will take an estimated time of two years before the pier will officially be reopened and locals and tourists will be able to fish off of it again.

So, if you are looking for a location that not only will supply the fish, but has bathrooms, a restaurant and a café, the Folly Pier is one of the best places to be up to October 18th.

I hope this helps. Like I always say, good luck out there and have fun fishing!

To view some fishing adventures, go to my YouTube Channel Fishing With Jiggin Jerry.


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