Charleston Offshore Fishing Forecast for March

Over the past month, the tuna and wahoo bites in the Charleston area have continued to remain strong. If you are looking to catch big wahoo and tuna, you better get out on the water soon.

On your next trip, I would suggest paying attention to the latest sea surface temperatures.

Pay special attention to warm eddys that break off the Gulf Stream and push warm waters into the ledge.
At the ledge, check for bait, temperature breaks, and signs of life such as the presence of birds and bait.

Rutgers University provides a free website ( that has resources you can use to check current water temperatures.

You will often find that aggressive wahoo and other large pelagic fish will strike too high

Now that you have found warm temperatures to drop your lines, let’s ensure you are using the correct lures.

You will often find that aggressive wahoo and other large pelagic fish will strike too high, hitting the head of the lure, therefore missing the hook.

Sometimes this results in a hook from the outside in as depicted in the picture. Take a look at your old trusty go-to lure and notice the teeth marks all over the head; you’ll see what I’m talking about.

I have started a lure company called Head Striker Lures that addresses and corrects this problem.

I strategically moved the hook closer to the head of the lure so that even when these high strikes occur, the fish’s jaw still finds the hook.

This lure is designed specifically for the aggressive strikes that come from big game pelagic fish such as billfish, wahoo, dolphin, and tuna.

I have tested my lure design for an entire charter season and they have yielded amazing results. An example of one of my Head Striker Lures is depicted in the picture provided.

If you are interested in some lures follow @headstrikerlures on Instagram or call me 843-737-1705.

For those of you looking for a charter this coming season, make sure to book as soon as possible to ensure we have available dates.

We have two operating boats: the Git-R-Done, a 58 ft Carolina Custom operated by Captain Chris Gaffney, and the Wahoo, a 48 ft Ocean Yacht.

These vessels operate seven days a week, for ¾ or full day charters. Check our website calendar for availability and booking options below.

Now that you have a good understanding of where to go, what to look for, and the correct lures to use, it’s time to leave the dock and drop the lines.

Captain Drew Demaree / Charleston Fishing Charters

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