Charleston Offshore Fishing Forecast May

It’s finally that time of year. The water is starting to warm up and the dolphin are coming through.

The ocean really comes to life during the month of May, and there are plenty of opportunities for all pelagic species.

It is not unusual to go through 4 or 5 dozen baits with the mahi chewing. The dophin are starting to move into SC waters at the start of the month and numbers will be at its peak towards the end of the month.

Be prepared for a shot at a marlin in the spread.

Also be prepared for a shot at a marlin in the spread, as last year was an amazing season for them and we should expect to see similar reports.

Anglers need to be prepared for all types of pelagic fishing. Most would start the day trolling ballyhoo either naked or skirted with a seawich or a chuggar.

Look for temperature breaks, rips, and weed lines. While trolling you should anticipate the larger size dolphin in May.

Be sure to circle back to areas that you get a strike or bite. While fighting a fish clear only the lines necessary to land that fish.

It is important to leave as many baits in the water as you can, because these fish travel in large schools.

Be sure to pay attention to the fish when it gets closer to the boat, he may have brought friends. It is wise to have a pitch bait ready or spinning set up with some type of artificial ready for schooling fish.

Bucktail jigs, large grubs, and spinner baits are good choices for a quick option to capitalize on the opportunity.

If you were to hook a schooling fish, leave it in the water as long as possible to keep the school around.

Having multiple spinning rods rigged and ready is key. A large school of mahi will eat just about anything.

With the school behind the boat and the boat in neutral, squid on a circle hook is the easiest and most efficient option.

Having multiple spinning rods rigged and ready is key. A large school of mahi will eat just about anything when they’re hungry, but squid stays on the hook well and is easy to rebait. ‘

If your lucky enough and run into this type of fishing, it is an incredible experience. Mahi put on a show, and even the most experienced angler gets a thrill out of catching 20 to 40 fish.

Be mindful of how many fish come over the gunnel, and only keep what you can eat. Tight lines!

Captain Drew Demaree / Charleston Fishing Charters

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