Outdoor Warrior Camp Comes to Brevard


The number of Combat Wounded Veterans transitioning out of the military has substantially increased over the years due to the 10-year war in Afghanistan. These Combat Wounded Veterans are dealing with amputations, gun shot wounds, burns, PTSD, and traumatic brain injury. These physical and mental injuries have a severe affect on the morale of the soldier.

Outdoor Warrior Camp wants to show other combat wounded veterans appreciation for their sacrifices, and that their disabilities do not prevent them from having a happy and successful life after leaving service. We will utilize the outdoors to raise the spirits of these combat wounded veterans. We are giving them an all expenses paid weekend here in Brevard County, Florida. While here, they will have a chance to take a step back from the physical therapy appointments, and surgeries, and enjoy an invigorating weekend with fellow comrades who understand their pain. Our primary activities will be fishing and hunting, but we will offer diving, golfing, four wheeling, and air boating.


We here at Outdoor Warrior Camp know exactly what these veterans are going through. The President, Christopher Brink was a Reconnaissance Marine, and was severely injured in Iraq when his HMMWV hit an IED in June of 2006. He spent about 3 months in the hospital, and 4 months in a wheelchair. He struggled during his transition out of the Marine Corps, but has used the great outdoors to boost his morale and stay focused on life.


The Vice President, Thomas Trotter was an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician in the Marine Corps. He was injured in Sangin, Afghanistan when his walking patrol was ambushed with machine gun fire and RPGs. He was hit in the left arm, causing radial nerve damage. He also struggled with his transition financially, physically, and emotionally. The great outdoors has given him a way to vent his feelings, and focus his attention in a positive way.

The great outdoors is an extremely therapeutic way to get these veterans out of their depression, and forget about their ailments for a while. Some veterans have never fished or hunted a day in their life, and we hope that they will take up these great hobbies and get in touch with nature. Veterans who are veteran hunter and fisherman will hopefully find that craving to get back outdoors and enjoy life regardless of their disabilities. The outdoors can change their lives for the better by giving them positive outlets and rewarding hobbies.


Please consider donating to our great cause by going to OutdoorWarriorCamp.com and clicking on donate. We are currently pending our 501(c) 3 tax-free status, but we do have another Veteran owned non-profit that has sponsored us for donations.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to our cause please make checks payable to “Combat Veterans to Careers” on behalf of Outdoor Warrior Camp.

Mail Checks to:
Outdoor Warrior Camp
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