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Florida Won’t Repeat Public Python Hunt Next Year

A public hunt for Burmese pythons in Florida’s Everglades won’t be repeated next year, a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokeswoman said Monday (Nov 18). Instead, the state is beefing up established programs that train licensed hunters and people who regularly work in areas known to contain pythons to kill or report exotic snakes.
winter tarpon fishing

Winter Tarpon Fishing: Bouncer’s Tip of the Month

We went tarpon fishing November 10th and in 4 hours we caught 3 tarpon. Two of these were small fish and the third was about 50 pounds. The important thing about this trip was that this was our first successful tarpon trip of the 2013/14 winter tarpon season.

Kayaking with Electronics

It is no secret that the world of kayaking is more popular than ever and gaining more interest daily. Along with this rise in popularity comes manufactures with new and innovative ways to make their brand, “kayak friendly.” This is especially true in the world of electronics.

About Fly Reels

Fly Reels, like all other reels, come in a variety of sizes from the ultra small 2/3 weight for trout to the very large 16/18 weight for marlin. They also vary in cost from about $15 to well over $1,000.

‘Tis the Season…’

The holidays – be it Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, etc, are all about being grateful. So I wanted to reflect, as I think its something all of us don’t do enough. I am grateful for being able to live in a state with excellent marine resources. It is awesome that there are lots of sharks in Florida state waters and beyond that help make my research successful.

It’s All About Bait

South Florida is definitely one of the most popular angling destinations in the world. Not only do we offer world class fishing for some of the most widely coveted species like sailfish, tarpon, and bonefish. We also have some of the best beaches, resorts, and night life in the world.

Fall Bottom Fishing off the North Carolina Coast

We put the boat in the water before the sun came up. The big orange was coming across the water to our left as we went through the inlet headed to points unknown to me. Our captain, Tim Barefoot plugged in some numbers on his GPS and we began our journey.

Fishing for Sheepshead in South Carolina

There is something appealing about sheepshead. They are abundant, can be caught in lots of places without the need of a boat, offer a real angling challenge, put up an excellent fight, and make fine table fare, yet don’t get the credit they deserve.

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Keys Kids Catch’em Up At The 25th Annual Derby

112 Keys Kids participated in the 25th Annual Keys Kids Fishing Derby on September 25th hosted by the Lorelei.  Junior anglers pay no fee to participate in this event.  They may fish in one of three different divisions, Offshore, Shoreline or Backcountry and awards are given for three different age groups in each of these divisions.

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