Howell Tackle has a huge variety of mono to choose from.

Give Me That Stretch! Why Monofilament Line is Still KING

In the world of fishing line, the choices can be overwhelming.  High end braid, fluorocarbon and other specialty hybrid lines … June 1, 2017
controlling the variables

Controlling the Variables

There’s nothing you can do about the wind. You have no say-so about that afternoon thunderstorm brewing on shore. There’s … May 1, 2017
Spool partially filled with mono, left, and remainder filled with braid.

Save Your Money When Spooling Up With Braid

Braided line provides anglers with a very direct connection to the fish.  No stretch, high strength and small diameter are … April 1, 2017

Penetration and Hook Selection

The word “penetrate” means to pierce or pass into or through. Why should this simple concept be of such importance … February 19, 2017

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