Capt. C-note with a fine snapper caught nearshore with a Speed Drop rig and a nose-hooked live cigar minnow.

PRO’S CORNER: Triggerfish and the Need for the ‘Speed Drop’

  Recent harvest regulations on triggerfish have had a huge impact on the population in our area waters. Whether you … Aug 1st, 2019

PRO’S CORNER: Know When To Call It

A Guide’s Perspective For Knowing When To Cancel A Trip You and I have something in common, that is, we … Jun 1st, 2019
C-note’s Powell Rod Line Up.

PRO’S CORNER: Choosing the Perfect Early Season Bass Rods

  Spring and early summer means I’ll be spending most of my bass fishing time launching swim jigs and swim … Apr 1st, 2019

PRO’S CORNER: Do You Buff? Sun Protection & Cancer Prevention

As we move out of the summer months into some awesome Fall fishing action, the sun will continue to damage … Oct 1st, 2018
John from Valdosta, GA bagged this AJ on a Chug Bug surface lure. That’s exciting!

PRO’S CORNER: Nearshore AJ Tactics

Looking to have a big time with Amberjacks this month? These bruisers are perhaps the hardest fighting fish that swims … Aug 1st, 2018

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