Port Canaveral

By: Capt. Jim Ross

Spanish mackerel are one of the species anglers will be able to target along the beaches outside of the port this month.
April can be a really fun month outside of Port Canaveral. If this year is anything like last, anglers can expect a wide variety of piscatorial targets in these waters. Starting along the shorelines, pompano, whiting, bluefish, and spanish mackerel should be plentiful on most days. The Whiting and pompano will hit sand fleas or cut shrimp on a 2 or 3 drop surf rig, sliding sinker rig, or jig tipped with these types of baits. Anglers that prefer to use untipped lures should try the pink, yellow, or chartreuse colors “goofy” style jigs that flutter back to the bottom like a crab or sand flea would do after a sharp upward twitch of your rod tip. Mackerel, bluefish, redfish, speckled trout, and jack can also be caught in this fashion just outside of the surf break north of the Ports entrance. Anglers fishing near pogies pods in the 15 to 30 foot depths can expect much larger species to strike their offerings. Bull redfish, giant black drum, sharks, tarpon, and large crevalle will be the most prevalent types of fish feeding near these pods of baitfish. Tripletail will most likely be hanging around ships channel buoys, and any sort of floating debris that may be found in the near-shore waters. A live shrimp on a hook or under a small float will usually get these fish to strike. A few cobia may also be possible around he floating weeds and buoys, especially if this area gets a decent amount of weeds blown inshore on the spring breezes.

Captain Jim Ross
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