Port Canaveral

Captain Jim Ross

Captain Jim grabbing a typical sized Port Canaveral tarpon.

It’s tarpon time!!! The beaches outside of the Port should have baitfish school parading up and down them this month. Following these bait pods anglers should find plenty of hungry tarpon. June is usually our best month for landing a silver king while slow trolling or drifting with live menhaden, pilchard or greenies on a VMC 7385 Coastal Black circle hook. I prefer the 7/0 to 8/0 size hooks most of the time. I choose my hook size based on the size of the bait in most cases, and these two sizes work on most of our herring style baitfish during this time of the year. If I see tarpon in the 140 to 200-pound class in the areas that I am fishing then I will step up to the 9/0 size to get a better hookup on the larger jaws these fish possess. Jack crevalle, king mackerel, bonito, and a variety of shark will also strike these baitfish when you are targeting tarpon.

Captain Jim Ross
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