Port Canaveral & Banana River – Sept. 2020

Giant redfish are not so uncommon catches for anglers this month.
Giant redfish are not so uncommon catches for anglers this month.

BANANA RIVER LAGOON: September is the month known for mullet and just like the run along the beaches we see a huge influx of these silver morsels traveling south through our lagoons. The Banana Lagoon has some interesting areas that hold tarpon to over 100 pounds, giant redfish to 40 pounds, and a variety of other species that are fun to pull on. Redfish in particular begin showing up in better numbers. Often the “bull” redfish can be found schooling in this area of the lagoon. WE love targeting these big trophy sized fish with Rapala Skitterwalk plugs, Assassin 6 to 7-inch jerk baits, and live or cut offerings depending on the mood of these fish. Sometimes they are willing to take a well-placed fly for anglers capable of casting a chicken feather 60 to 80 feet on a 9 or 10 weight rod. This month can be one of the best “trophy” catching months of the year. We look forward to helping you go out and fulfill that ambition.

PORT CANAVERAL: Snook season will reopen on the first day this month. We also have an incredible phenomenon known as the “Fall Mullet Run” that occurs this month. In recent years, Port Canaveral has become known as a hot spot for anglers looking to battle one of these prized gamefish. The deep basins inside the Port often hold schools of snook. Many of the piers and dock pilings within these basins are good places to tangle with a large line-sider. Arm yourselves with some live mullet, pogies, or croakers rigged on a sliding sinker rig and a 4/0 to 6/0 sized VMC 7385 circle hook. These same baits and this system of rigging will work at both jetties located near the east end of the Port. Fish on the Jetties often congregate during the dawn and dusk periods to feed on schools of mullet that are trying to work their way in to the port to seek refuge there. The baitfish migrating south down our beaches each year endure an onslaught from sharks, bluefish, snook, tarpon, king mackerel, and many other predators while traveling along the beach all day. Anglers can rely on a variety of lures to cast into these baitfish schools to trick these various predators. I like lipped diving plugs like the Rapala X-Rap or BX series. These are fantastic lures that imitate the mullet. Sort Plastic swim baits, Spoons, and R&R bucktail jigs are also popular when targeting fish along the beach surf break. A bucktail tipped with a lively fingerling mullet can be so effective that you never know what species will hit it next. We routinely catch snook, redfish, flounder, mangroves snapper, ladyfish, shark, bluefish, and jack crevalle on these outings as well. When September rolls around you just never know what the Port will produce for our charter fishing guest. If you’re ready to go out and catch your next memory, let us show you the magical time period known as the Fall Mullet Run.

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