Port Canaveral Fishing Forecast: June 2013

portcanaveral J une is usually a very good month for anglers fishing both inside and outside of the Port Canaveral basins. Inside, anglers will find mangrove snapper, bluefish, and flounder willing to play on most days. Try using a live shrimp or small White or Chartreuse colored HookUp or Nylure jigs tipped with a piece of shrimp.

Anglers fishing the Ports basins at night should find snook lurking in the shadows created from the piers and docks. These fish can often be a little picky about what they will strike in the day time, but can become very willing to hit a suspending or diving plug that is worked in an enticing fashion around the mentioned structures at night. Large shrimp, finger mullet, pinfish, croakers, or pogies are good live bait choices for the snook. The trick will be trying to keep them away from the Crevalle jack that also run the dock shadow lines as well.

Around the Ports entrance and along the shipping channel, tripletail, cobia, big Crevalle, king mackerel, and possibly tarpon or two should be found if the water is clean. These species will be feeding on schools of menhaden (a.k.a. pogies) in the 15 to 40-foot depths. This is the months when pogies pods generally become more plentiful along the beaches north and south of the Ports entrance. Spanish mackerel, bluefish, over-sized redfish, and various types of shark can also be found around these bait pods at time as well.