Port Canaveral Fishing Forecast: May 2013

If the weed and debris lines that were prevalent in April continue into the May time frame, Port Canaveral anglers will be on the look out for a cobia or two that will be looking for a meal under these floating structures. Cobia should also be found around bait pods in the 30 to 60- foot depths. King Mackerel, Large Crevalle, and even a tarpon or two may join the cobia around the pods of sardines, greenies, pogies or pilchards that should be holding along the coast throughout this month. “Free lining” one of these types of live baits around the outer portions of a pod will be your best way to get a hookup. A “free line” rig consist of just a leader and hook-no weights or floats are placed on the line when fishing in this manner.

Tripletail should be possible around the same floating debris that the cobia can be found near. These fish can also be caught beneath ships channel markers by placing a live shrimp or baitfish on a HookUp jig head and drift ing it past the buoy chain. Flounder should start to becoming a much more common catch for anglers fishing shrimp mud minnows and fingerling mullet on a bottom rig or jig head around the channel drop off s and rock jetties at the entrance to the Port. Whiting, pompano, and bluefish will keep surf anglers busy during much of the month. Cut clam, live sand fleas, and cut or live shrimp or finger mullet (in that order relative to the species named) should be the respective baits that will entice a strike from one of these variety of species of fish.