Port Canaveral Offshore

Capt. Chris Cameron

What a great month we had! Gotta love it. The bunker has been easier by the day to get. They have been in the port for a change too. Although not as easy to get in the port we have found them on the beach near the steeple almost daily. Here’s the kicker, now that you’ve got the prime choice in bait, they don’t want it and want frozen. Yup. That’s right. So, here’s the lesson, try both, one dead and one live and see what gets hit on better. We couldn’t figure out what the deal was with the live bait after marking fish till we tried the switch up. Who would’ve thought? If you can’t find the bunker try the bouy cans. They have been holding sardines and a sardine will always get hit. Even when the ocean presents itself as a dump.

Cobia. They are all over. Get out there with your bucktails tipped with squid and look around. No place specific but the reefs are a good start. They have been swimming right up to the boat lately! Late in the day they have been surfacing on rays, turtles and free swimming. They love some live bait too.

This is a great month for wreck fishing. Use all your normal tactics from three ways to knocker rigs. Live bait definitely works the best. Use lighter tackle for more fun. Amberjack and every other species have been sitting right above the wrecks and it’s been great. The reason they have been sitting on top of the wrecks is because of the thermocline. It’s been here and definitely messing the bottom up.

You can also try anchoring and chumming. Use some lighter fluorocarbon for the mangos. They have been plentiful! Even the muttons have been surfacing. We should start to see the Mahi returning soon. If you get out and see a weed line it may be worth a shot to give it a little while. Get out there and enjoy the water.

If you need any help please don’t hesitate to call us. Have a great September from your premier fishing guide charter of Cocoa Beach, Port Canaveral/Orlando Florida area.

Capt. Chris Cameron