Port Canaveral Offshore Fishing Forecast: June 2013


June has a lot to offer us for fishing. This is the time of year the pogies are always on the beach and everything is following them. When I say everything I mean everything! Tarpon are already showing up in the bait pods now, big jack crevale, plenty of bonita, smoker kings and more cobia. Although not all these fish make the greatest table fare let us not lose focus of the fun of fishing. A 30lb jack makes a fun fight on light tackle. A 150lb tarpon jumping is an awesome sight. We don’t always need to run offshore for the mahi or the grouper, etc. Most of our clients are from out of state and it’s there first time on the ocean and if there fighting something for 30+ minutes they will never forget that.
When I say the fish are on the beach that means literally from the beach line and out to about 40 feet. The big fish cruise along the beach looking for the bait to feed on. Here’s what I do. Ride down the beach until you find the bait, throw your cast net and load up. I am partial to fishing just outside the pier to Patrick. I put the lines in around 20 feet and slow troll south. I typically use about an 8 foot piece of 30# flouro tied to a 7/0 circle hook. If you’re getting cut off then go to a wire rig. If you see schools of tarpon go to 80# flouro and try to be stealthy.


I hook the pogies through the nostrils and try to make the boat as slow as possible. This can be a lot of fun. You never know what you’re going to hook up! Best part is you will not burn as much fuel as running 15-20 miles out to the reefs. I would like to welcome Capt. Matt Carver to the Fired Up Charters fishing team. He has been fishing the Cape Canaveral area since a youngin’ and knows his stuff. He will work just as hard as all of us to keep you on the fish!

Good luck this month, if you have any questions please feel free to call.

Captain Chris Cameron