Port Canaveral Offshore Report May 2016

Coastal Angler Brevard Port Canaveral Offshore Report May 2016

Another banner year for the elusive cobia!

I hope you were all able to get out there and put a hurtin on them the whole 3 days they were here. They went from Sebastian to Chesapeake in 4 days. Lol, what a joke. The fish that came through were on a mission north pretty quick. There were a few solid days of fishing then they disappeared. Maybe the geniuses that control the fish management will notice other species one day besides the over populated red snapper. But highly doubtful.

This month also marks the time frame of the Mahi run. There have been decent reports of phins the last few weeks when boats were able to get out. It seems like the better bite is deeper right now but expect to see them start coming in closer soon. Don’t ignore the 90-foot areas. How many nice fish have you gotten in 65-75 foot reefs while kingfishing? There are many tactics that can be used on trolling for mahi. If you get a chance to attend a few seminars, it will greatly help you. I like to use small skirts and either ballyhoo or strips of bonita.

We should still see those large kings hanging around for a little while. This is the time of year when 8A and pelican start to light up. Best bait is large pogies on stinger rigs.

Pogies showed up a few weeks ago and have been close to the surf; look from the jetties to the steeple. Also don’t forget to try the basins. Don’t pass the fish to catch them.

I see many people throwing 6/8 foot WalMart cast nets. I’m sure you’ll get a few baits but try to invest in a real net. A heavy net with a long leash. It’s the difference in catching and fishing sometimes.

This month will also be good for tarpon. They showed up a little bit ago but should only get better. Bait of choice again is a live pogie on 8/0 circle hook Now that the bait is on the beach, try fishing the buoy line if the water is clean.

Capt Chris Cameron
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