PRO Tips

Capt. Jonathan Moss

Summer, the time of the year where tourist, tarpon, and love-bugs come to visit. The time of the year, where you start sweating before the sun is up. Summer means waking up at 4am to be on the water by sunrise and “fishing ’til dark” means past 9pm. And soon enough afternoon thunderstorms will be rolling in like clockwork. I love this time of year, but there are a few things I do to beat the heat while one the boat.
This month I want to share some tips to help you stay out on the water longer and free from the dangers the sun and heat can bring. As anglers, we should be conscientious of our time on the water, in the sun and take the appropriate precautionary measures to save healthy and safe. It’s important and doing our best to follow these tips should allow for more time on the water doing what we all love, fishing.

1) Sun Protection- This is pretty basic and common knowledge BUT do YOU put it to use? Sun burn is a big deal. It can be painful, cause you to lose time on the water or even put you in the hospital. So, can we protect ourselves from the sun? YES! I am on the water close to 300 days a year. Even when it’s not hot out, I make sure I am covered with these protecting agents:

A) Sunscreen- Always keep a tube of 50 SPF sunscreen on board. I prefer the lotion over spray, as spray can leave black marks on the deck of the boat. It’s simple, easy, quick, cheap, and effective sun protection. Make sure to reapply every few hours. Also, make sure to wash your hands after use to avoid killing live bait by reaching in the well with lotion covered hands. Sunsect makes a product that protects you from both the sun and mosquitos.

B) Hat, Long sleeves, Pants, Sunglasses- Fishing specific apparel is light, cool, dries quickly, and most often has built in SPF. It is definitely worth the investment and also aids in keeping the no-see-ums at bay. Every trip, with out fail, I wear a hat, long sleeve fishing shirt, fishing pants and sunglasses. Fishing gloves are also great as they protect your hands with out the concern of killing live bait.

C) Buffs – If you hate wearing sunscreen, consider a buff. Buffs are designed to be worn in a plethora of ways. I prefer mine to cover my neck and ears, leaving my face exposed as occasionally a buff covered face can cause sunglasses to fog. Buffs eliminate the need for sunscreen in these areas but also inhibits the cooling effects of a breeze. Some fishing apparel brands are now offering built in buffs or hoodies.Breathable, light weight fishing shirts with a hoodie allows maximum protection and airflow to keep you cool.

2) Water- Rising temperatures increases perspiration and increases the need for fluids and by fluids, I mean water. It is very important that you take time while on the boat to drink water. Staying hydrated will keep you on the water longer and decrease your chances of contracting heat-related illness. It is not uncommon for me to drink up to a gallon of water a day during the summer. Also consider using a reusable water container. This will eliminate the need for plastic bottles, is more cost effective and lowers waste.

Capt. Jonathan Moss
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