PRO TIPS – April 2020

Hey there, angler! Welcome to this edition of Brevard’s Coastal Angler Magazine Pro Tip! My name is Capt. Jonathan Moss, and I am here to share with you an incredibly important tip: Be Respectful! As a full time Space Coast Fishing Guide, I spend countless hours on the water in search of fish. This searching means time is spent all over our lagoon systems checking on fishing spots, both old and new. Others, just like me, are doing the same thing. It is my job to stay on the fish and one that I cherish so much.

As many of you know, our lagoons are undergoing massive grass loss and decline in fish numbers. Yes, there are still plenty of fish to be caught and fish stories to be told. This brings me back to my tip: Be Respectful.

In my experience, anglers have forgotten that no one owns the water. I see it all to often, anglers approaching others who are already on a spot fishing. Or anglers cutting off others to beat them to a fishing hole. Recently, I was poling into an area and another angler used their trolling motor to go around and jump in front of me and my clients to get to the fish first. This is unacceptable behavior.

Tips for success:

1. Be respectful of each other on and off the water. Cursing and fighting gets you nowhere fast. Be wise in how you confront others for their poor water ethics.

2. Be considerate to those who are first to an area that you would like to fish. If someone is already there, go somewhere else and do so in a manner that will not disrupt the fishing.

3. Have a plan B, C and D. You can always revisit a spot. If you have nowhere else to go, make this an opportunity to explore and learn a new area!

On a more positive note, the fishing has been picking up throughout our area. Warmer temperatures are quickly approaching which brings more snook and tarpon into our waterways. Here’s a picture of one of my clients who recently joined me for a half day, fly fishing charter for tarpon! What a fun fish!

Capt. Jonathan Moss
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