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Jig Fishing in the Mangroves

By: Caitlyn Gatrell Saltwater fishing is a great adventure, with every cast bringing the promise of excitement and new memories. … Apr 30th, 2024

Fishing the Foam

By Joe Sheaffer Spring is here and the beaches are a great place to spend a day or a few … Apr 30th, 2024

Hooked on Snook

By: Jessica Harris Hendrie As the sun came up, the anticipation started for this little angler. A full day of … Apr 30th, 2024

From the Captains...

Bald Eagles Rely on Careful Anglers

Boaters along Florida’s waterways often see Ospreys perched atop a channel marker or soaring overhead, but sometimes a closer look … Apr 30th, 2024

Tarpon Time

By: Capt. Bart Marx May in Southwest Florida we look for the white butterflies to appear which lets us know … Apr 30th, 2024

It’s That Time Again

By: Eric Henson It’s Tarpon Time everyone and this is generally the first time of year that I like to … Apr 30th, 2024

Fishin’ with Brycin

By: Brycin Snook Fishing, we all love them! The snook are starting to come in full force this summer. Snook … Apr 30th, 2024

Warming Waters

By: Capt. Bart Marx April in Southwest Florida marks the water temps getting warmer day by day. This is a … Mar 31st, 2024

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It’s a Numbers Game

By: Capt. Dave Stephens Well folks, I have been waiting to write about spring showers. However, it seems all spring … Apr 30th, 2024

Boca Grande Tarpon and Beyond

by Captain Terry Fisher The months of May and June bring the most spectacular, natural displays of fish migration to … Apr 30th, 2024

Sarasota Fishing & Outdoor Articles

Diving and Fishing the Florida Keys

By: Capt. Tony  Young April is one of my favorite months to dive and fish, I see it as a … Mar 31st, 2023

Kayak Fishing

By: Eric Henson With spring rolling in and it being a mildly cool winter, I try to enjoy the cooler … Feb 28th, 2023

Fishing With Artificials

By: Eric Henson Anyone who knows me will tell you that when it comes to inshore fishing, I am an … Jan 31st, 2023

On the River

By Joe Sheaffer It has been a challenge for our area in SWFL this fall. Hurricane Ian and Red tide … Dec 31st, 2022

Cooler Temps

By: Eric Henson Well, the weather has cooled down a bit, but that doesn’t mean the fishing will be cooling down! In … Nov 30th, 2022

Sawfish News

Oct 31st, 2022

Artificial Lures

By: Dan Carns Fishing with artificial lures is a little bit art, a little bit luck and a lot of … Oct 31st, 2022

We’re Still Fishing

By: Eric Henson First and foremost, I would like to send my love and prayers to our friends all over Southwest … Oct 31st, 2022