Sebastian Inlet Offshore Fishing Forecast


Well let’s see first things first HAPPY NEW YEAR. I hope you all got some new fishing equipment for Christmas. Well lets what type of fish we should talk about this month. This is the time of year when most game fish need to be released. Let us see, Red Snapper, Black Sea Bass, Grouper and Snook are species that need to be released.

January is here and so is the cooler weather. The fish are going to be moving out to deeper waters so you are going to travel further to find that game fish, continue to look for weed lines and other floating debris that the storms have brought in.

This past month has been bad for the offshore fisherman with all the late storms that have run up the coast of Florida. The seas have been rough and that stirs up the bottom and the water gets dirty not great for fishing.

The Flounder will be making their way back through the inlets and other areas this time of year. I have gotten several reports of flounder are being caught in the 50-70ft range along with the shallows of the river and Sebastian Inlet.

The Mahi Mahi bite has been very slow as they make their way back to warmer waters this time of year. I can’t stress enough to watch the waters as you head out to deep water. The waters have been going through so many changes than previous years.

The Jacks are aggressively attacking a top water plug; this is some hard fast fun when nothing else is around. The Bluefish are her so plenty of action is on hand with them along with Spanish mackerel.
In closing I hope everyone had a great Holiday Season and to release as many fish back into the water so they can be caught again.