Sebastian Inlet Offshore Fishing Report: June 2014

Sebastian Offshore Fishing Report

I can only ask one question, how was the grouper sandwich? The grouper bite has been on fire offshore Sebastian, and I continue to see that going on all summer. Great fish, hard fighting and wonderful reward. Enough about that fish let’s talk about the others.

Dolphin (Mahi Mahi), the numbers over the past month have been down. I have spoken to lots of anglers and captains and they are all saying go to deep water. I was in 185ft of water last month and got nothing. The fish last month were being caught in the 250-1000ft water depth and the dolphin were big. This month and going into the summer months the waters are going to be warmer and the fish should be moving in closer to shore. I would
start looking for them in the 80ft mark and out, remember to look for the weed lines and color changes. Troll skirted and naked ballyhoo for best results. What is best skirted color to use I can’t say, I have been catching them on the blue/white, red/ white and green/yellow, these all have been working.

As always, I ask please don’t overflow the box, you can always go out and have another wonderful day on the water. This fish grows so fast that the one you let go today will be bigger tomorrow.

Amberjack, the bite continues to be strong and look for them in the 180-250ft mark. They are being taken on live and cut baits so make sure you have plenty of both. These fish will wear you out so remember to have plenty of fluids on board.

Kingfish, they will be moving in closer to shore as the bait fish move in. These fish always put up a great fight and will test your tackle as well, remember to use wire leader.