Sebastian Offshore

Capt. Doug Kaska

Well summer is gone and so are the summer fish, just like the kids they are back in school. If you are heading out to go fishing during the week day remember to add some extra time as the school buses will be out. I look for the waters to start changing and that should bring the migrating fish back south. I would start looking for the Cobia and Sailfish to start moving south even though we have had a very strong bite on them all summer long.

The bottom fishing will continue to improve as the water starts changing. The bottom fish can be caught on many different types of bait, live fish to chunks of fish. The best is live bait, I have found greenies, pogies and pin fish all work very well. These fish will be holding up tight to structure and reefs. Vertical jigs will also work very well. I slowly pull the fish away from the area and will be much easier to get it to the surface. If you should catch an under-size fish remember to vent it and return it back to the water as fast as possible. I have seen lots of fish floating on the surface because people are not venting them.

Kingfish will be moving in closer to shore as the late mullet run starts. This will help the person with the smaller boat. Remember to have plenty of stinger rigs on board as a nice size King will twist that wire and it will not be able to be used again. Make sure your reels have plenty of line on them if not replace it because you never can tell when that 50lb king is going to take the bait.

The sharks are going to be a problem again this month as the mullet run will be going on, with cooler waters the sharks will be here and you will catch plenty of them before you get your prize fish. Sharks are a great fighting fish and will test your strength and stamina.

One last note the FSFA will be having their annual auction on October 26th, this will have many new and slightly used items. It will be a great way to meet new friends and possibly find that item you have been looking for. I will give more details next month.

Capt. Doug Kaska
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