Sebastian Offshore

Capt. Doug Kaska

Well its SUMMER TIME and the fish are very active. The seas are calming down and the weather is getting warmer. As I am writing this I am having a fresh Mahi Mahi sandwich.

The bottom fishing has steadily been getting better. The Gag Grouper and Mangrove snapper bite has been good and will continue to get better. I just want to remind you that the endangered Red snapper still has to be returned to the water.

The Mahi Mahi bite has been slow so far this year, but the bigger ones are being caught in the deeper waters. With the waters getting warmer better look for the Mahi Mahi to be moving closer towards shore, start trolling in the 80ft depth and move out toward the cleaner blue waters. The weed lines and patches will be holding good numbers. I have been catching larger Mahi in the deeper waters running skirted ballyhoo and naked also in the 120-240ft. of water.

If you’re looking for fun then rig up for some kings, follow the bait pods and other fish breaking the surface when that strike happens it will be game on, so far this past month big kings are being caught and a lot are breaking free. Make sure when rigging for Kings that your hooks are sharp.
Well that’s all I am going to write as I need to get back on the water and have some fun.

Remember to sign up for the local fishing tournaments that are happening this month you may be lucky and see me standing on a stage holding the winning fish.

Capt. Doug Kaska runs a 21’ Shoalwater cat style hull that will handle up to 4 people with ease and comfort with a smooth dry ride. If you are looking to fish the flats or go offshore this boat will do it. He runs the Evinrude 150 E-Tec which is quiet and very fuel efficient.

Capt. Doug Kaska
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